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ARA Harmony Fund III

In 2015, SingHaiyi diversified into the Malaysian retail mall segment by investing a 25% interest in ARA Harmony Fund III, a portfolio of five high quality income-producing commercial properties across prominent locations in Malaysia. Alongside this, we took a 35% stake in ARA Fund Management (Harmony III) Limited, the fund's general partner, allowing us to leverage the established property investment and management track record of ARA Asset Management Limited, and to further expand SingHaiyi's capacity in the real estate fund management sector.

Type Fund
Location Malaysia – various states
Stake 25%
Aggregate Gross Land Area (sq ft) 4,222,376
Aggregate Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 2,634,185
Overall Occupancy Rate 92%
1 Mont Kiara MallPlus
Location Kuala Lumpur
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 385,035
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 242,440
Completion/Major Renovation (Year) 2009 / 2014
Land Tenure Freehold
Occupancy @ 31 March 2021 86.9%
AEON MallPlus
Location Malacca
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 955,865
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 623,429
Completion/Major Renovation (Year) 2009 / N.A.
Land Tenure 99 years exp. 2095
Occupancy @ 31 March 2020 100.0%
Citta MallPlus
Location Selangor
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 651,453
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 467,930
Completion/Major Renovation (Year) 2011 / N.A.
Land Tenure 99 years exp. 2097
Occupancy @ 31 March 2021 82.0%
Ipoh ParadePlus
Location Ipoh
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 975,016
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 624,979
Completion/Major Renovation (Year) 1998 / 2014
Land Tenure 999 years exp. 2885
Occupancy @ 31 March 2021 95.8%
Klang ParadePlus
Location Klang
Gross Floor Area (sq ft) 1,255,007
Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 675,407
Completion/Major Renovation (Year) 1995 / 2014
Land Tenure Freehold
Occupancy @ 31 March 2021 90.0%
Aeon Malacca
Aeon Malacca
Aeon Malacca
Aeon Malacca
Klang Parade
Ipoh Parade
Ipoh Parade
Citta Mall

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